No Dreams

by The Family Ghost

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This is the second full-length Family Ghost album. We recorded it ourselves at Robert's apartment between December 2012 and April 2014.


released November 18, 2014

Written, played, recorded, mixed, and designed by The Family Ghost:

Paul Blanda
Jacques Granger
Ryan Sisung
Robert Traxler



all rights reserved


The Family Ghost Memphis, Tennessee

The Family Ghost is a post-punk/noise/rock band based in Memphis, Tennessee. They've been playing serious music to sparse, mostly disinterested audiences since the summer of 2001.

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Track Name: Fall Behind
See that man
Standing in our way
What does he want with us?

Something tells me
Not to even care
Silence sounds better

Still he stands
Repeating the same words
He doesn't know who I am

Simple concepts
Slip right by us
Why can't he catch them?

Saving our effort
Sampling our own time
Stop while we're still ahead

Sacred to me
He's never even seen
Seems like a waste of time

- Robert Traxler
Track Name: Cameras
She told him that the door was open
While she kept me hanging on
Somehow he managed what I couldn't
And I don't know what that means
There's no way I can move forward
When I'm worthless on my own
Now I'm just one forgotten entry
In the middle of a list

Tell me his name
Tell me his name
Tell me his name

He was born into entitlement
Pampered and naïve
He threw away a chance I never had
For his vacuous life's work
He made a game out of his negligence
And ceded his control
His platitudes displaced me
But I'll soon put paid to that

She put a target on your head
For reasons you can't understand
There's only one way this can end

She put a target on your head
For reasons you can't understand
I'm going to show you your own blood

- Jacques Granger
Track Name: Histrionics
Don't call me late at night
Don't call me anymore
Don't tell me nothing's changed
Since our lives have diverged
When you came back around
With the problems you create
I was right to keep my distance
I was right to stay away

Someone beat you to the punch
For the first time in your life
You were finally overtaken
By a slowly rising tide
Lines of demarcation
Have to stand once they've been drawn
The memories are distant
The artifacts are gone

I don't care about the things you don't want me to know
You could have it easy, but we all know that you won't
You see what you want and just take it without thinking
When nothing holds your interest, you can't entertain yourself

- Jacques Granger
Track Name: Dismayed
Ivan was dismayed when his good gear got out of his way
Out of the way

- Ryan Sisung
Track Name: Safety Corridor
And it rains sometimes in the desert
New Mexico, Albuquerque, Santa Fe
Where there's earth and there's sky and they combine in the distance
There is a storm coming. . . on its way

The water floods the road in the desert
Then it dries from the earth and the air
The landscape supports all in a singularity
Where the earth meets the sky in the distance

- Robert Traxler
Track Name: Lost Year
Maybe, with me, you were right to be hesitant
I gave you no reason to hide your embarrassment
I know what you were worried about
And you were right

I know it's best to remain deferential
While my place in your life becomes more and more trivial
The past is a weapon
I placed in your hands

- Jacques Granger
Track Name: Death Blow
Clear-eyed in the sweltering night
Shots tear through the haze
Something's coming down
Something's coming down
Fighting to keep the panic at bay
There's blackmail in the air
You can't reach me now
You can't reach me now

You cut my legs from under me
Without a second thought
Now there's no way out
Now there's no way out
You always look right through me
I can feel the distance grow
I can't change your mind
I can't change your mind

- Jacques Granger
Track Name: Visitant
Chimney smoke colors the breeze
Scatters resolve like burning leaves
Autumn's chill surrounds me
The sun sets as I walk
Restlessness my only guide
It leads me in the dark

Look to the sky and ask myself why
It doesn't matter, win, lose, or die
Nothing is ever what you want it to be
Nothing is ever what you want it to be

Hoping for something better to happen
Knowing it never does
Taking all that's gone so wrong
And making it "never was"

I once believed there was one road
To guide me where I'd need to go
Followed my heart blindly
I ran 'til I got lost
The path diverged and now the way
Is obscured with frost

After so many tries, I realized
The game is rigged, there is no prize
This is all there is and nothing more
This is all there is and nothing more

If there were ever anything better to dream about
Where is it now?
Where is it now?

It's the fear of failing, the fear of falling
The fear of everything that's always pulling me down
Pulling me down

- Paul Blanda
Track Name: The Provincial
Some things are always left undone
Even when you know what's next
When all the estimates are right
And you turn into someone else

The circumstances changed so fast
We had no time to react

As the familiar falls away
Unwanted memories are made
You steel yourself as best you can
When there is no way to prepare

When they all spoke out of turn
You were right to shout them down

- Jacques Granger
Track Name: Battle Chant
Watch us writhe
Push us down
We won't fight
We won't move
To any truth

Night of Glass
A crystal lake
Herd this mass
Herd livestock
On bare rock

Of Satan's throne
A socialist
Hear us groan
Hear us concede
Freedom isn't free

Words mean things
Comfort that
Believing brings
Believing me

- Robert Traxler
Track Name: Doctorate
With our best years behind us
And an end to this in sight
Made some passing decisions
That I'll pay for with my life
You lead me across the borderline
Then you disappear from view
You talk to me through the same wall
That we've spent our lives to build

There's no time for revision
And no way to make it right
When I'm trying your patience
Tell me how to stop
I need to keep you close to me
But clearly don't know how
You told me that I could be anyone
Do you have to prove it now?

- Jacques Granger