The Family Ghost

by The Family Ghost

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This EP was recorded live to cassette in June of 2003 at Robert's parents' house. We used two room mics and one vocal mic.

Originally self-released as a run of 100 CD-Rs that we gave away at shows and local record stores.

We know and knew that the actual word is "incurable."


released June 15, 2003

Played, recorded, and designed by The Family Ghost:

Paul Blanda
Jacques Granger
Keith Pike
Brad Thompson
Robert Traxler

All songs written by The Family Ghost, except:

- "Uncurable" written by The Family Ghost and Shade Sullins.



all rights reserved


The Family Ghost Memphis, Tennessee

The Family Ghost is a post-punk/noise/rock band based in Memphis, Tennessee. They've been playing serious music to sparse, mostly disinterested audiences since the summer of 2001.

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Track Name: Taken
This is what it takes for you
When you put me on your shelf
You can pack it away
You can keep it for yourself
There's one thing you've forgotten
And that's where I stand
But I'm losing ground
Since you've taken my hand
You've taken everything that's mine
Tried to give me what's yours
But I don't want it
I do not want it
I do not want it
I do not want this
I do not want this
I do not want you
I do not want you
I do not want you
I'm taking it back
I'm taking it back
I'm taking it back
I'm taking it back

- Robert Traxler
Track Name: A Better Way of Failing
This isn't living
This is only wasting time
There is no looking forward
Since I pushed my faith aside
I don't know what I'm doing now
Any more than I did then
Demands are made that I can't comprehend

Can't you see it's just a matter of time
Before you realize your mistake?
Now I'm being dragged under
I wish I'd never seen your face

Why did I think that I could put these doubts to sleep?
Why did I think there's be an end to this routine?
How could you give yourself to someone else so fast?
What made you think that it would last?

The feeling survives after the memories die
It was the best day of my life

- Jacques Granger
Track Name: Uncurable
Embrace the enemy, the only one you know
There's no end to this, there's nowhere left to go
There's the other way, it causes misery
No more trying, there's none left inside of me

Here before me lies the axe that plagues my life
A beer, a cigarette, an old and tempting life
Heart it pounds and the sweat pours down my face
You will run away but I will never chase

- Keith Pike
Track Name: Now It's Dark
Unrepentant, your promise
Still broken, still hollow
Still bleeding, my sorrow
I keep waiting for tomorrow

What I thought was black
Was only gray
Shadows calling for me
None to walk away

Rehearsed motion, without feeling
Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling
Afraid of finding I've been dreaming
And I'll awaken cold and screaming

There is no in between
There is no gray line
Black is black
There is no white

Now it's dark

- Paul Blanda
Track Name: Placeholder/Wash
As far as I can tell
It's all over now
What to do but wait
As the years run out
If I could stop your talking
I might some get some rest
If I had learned what to refuse
Then this would never have progressed

I doubt I've never cared less
You'll never bring me down again
This was a bad idea
In a history filled with them
I know that I'm in trouble
I know why this is wrong
I say I'd like to see you
When I mean I'd like to see you harmed

- Jacques Granger